Art Challenges: Join the Digital Forest-Protecting Ranks to Make a Difference

On the occasion of annual March 21st, people across all corners of the globe come together to observe the World Forest Day, the day dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of forests. This momentous day not only serves as an opportunity to focus on the panorama of these wooded realms, but reflect on the indispensable role in upholding life upon our planet. As we mark this event, it’s imperative to take a fresh look at our forests and explore more for safeguarding them. What’s noteworthy is that the digital drawing can also contribute its share.

Plant digital trees with ugee

Enter the World Forest Day

World Forest Day, also known as the International Day of Forest, was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. It’s a global platform to highlight the contributions towards sustainable development, climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

To regulate the climate, purify the air we breathe and provide habitat for millions of species, forests are vital ecosystems to present countless benefits to both humans and wildlife. Moreover, forests are a source of livelihood for millions of people worldwide, particularly indigenous communities who depend on them for their cultural , spiritual and economic well-being.

Enter the Wooded Realms

It can not be sniffed at that the forests worldwide are facing unprecedented threats. Deforestation further driven by agricultural expansion, urbanization, wildfires, mining and logging, continues to ravage vast swaths of forested land. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the world loses an estimated 10 million hectares of forest each year, an area roughly the size of Iceland, and equivalent to 27 football fields every minute.

The loss of green legacy not only contributes to biodiversity loss, but also exacerbates climate change, weakening our ecosystems to the condition more susceptible to invasive species, diseases and natural disasters.

Protect Forests with the Stylus

Sustainable practices are the most hands-down way for us to contribute our strength. It’s notable that digital drawing itself is just among them. With the advent and development of digital drawing and its associated technologies, an increasing number of artistic followers dive into this arena or embrace the method to enrich their creative expressions.

As we are well aware, many drawing consumables are traditionally made of wood such as paper, pencils, boards and easels. While in the scenario of drawing digitally, only the drawing tablet and stylus that crafted by artificial materials are required. Even so, the chosen texture and designed stylus with pressure sensitivity can still provide you with the pencil-on-paper tactile experience. The ugee Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet will tell you why this is so.

ugee Q6 mobile drawing tablet

The stylus has an innovative design with a realistic grip and touch that feels similar to a traditional sketching pencil. Thanks to its battery-free stylus, you can say goodbye to connecting wires or charging. It uses electromagnetic technology and an in-built passive chip to deliver a smooth drawing experience with no frills or scope for interruption.

Because of its compact frame, you can easily hold it with just one hand, like a A5-sized notebook within your grasp.

In addition, artistic realm gathers groups of thoughtful followers that cannot be underestimated. They, involving people of all ages and backgrounds, always show their thought and attitude through the artistic language, so as to render many artworks with an eco-friendly voice at times, striking a chord among individual awareness.

On this moment, as we exalt the beauty and significance of forests, while recommit ourselves to their preservation. Let’s embark on and insist on the hands-down behavior in every facet of our lives, from digital drawing to paperless life, from minute details to amplifying voices. Together, we can turn the tide against deforestation and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come and all relied upon the treasure.

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