UG Story: Alternative Approach to Realizing Good Drawings

Meeco, a freehand illustrator, was introduced to the world of digital arts by the ugee Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet. As the first foray to draw digitally, she frankly said that it really requires time to learn and be familiar with, but the process is incredibly interesting and intriguing. Adding the master of digital drawing to her list, the creative journey duly tend to be more colorful and diversified.

The Foray into Digital Drawing

Meeco has been acting as a freehand illustrator for her artistic years. She bore witness to the soaring availability and popularity of digital drawing in the expanded period. However, she used to stand still, rooted in hesitation and reluctant to venture beyond her cozy zone. While a letter of product introduction swayed her standpoint, and she finally plunged into the captivating realm of digital art...

uu&gg: We know that actually it’s your first time to draw digitally. Could you please tell us what inspired you to make this transition?

Meeco: I’m always been curious about digital art and its boundless possibilities and it’s clear that keeping evolving and exploring new mediums benefits my artwork. But maybe lacking of a motivation, I know it but not do it. Frankly speaking, I hadn’t come across the ugee and ugee Q6 before. The email of product introduction was the first encounter. What striking me first was the color. I don’t think any girl can say no to the mint green and beige things. And when you learn more, the inner functions do not dwarf the appearance. There seems no reason to refuse such an adorable product both inside and outside.

uu&gg: How has your experience been so far with digital art, especially as someone who's primarily a freehand illustrator?

Meeco: It’s both challenging and exciting for me. I have to admit that the transition from traditional to digital is a bit tricky at first. The stylus is comfy-holding indeed close to the feeling of pencil, but when draw on the digital canvas, it’s really quite different from the control form nib to swing. While with digital art, the advantage is that I can easily correct mistakes and make changes without messing up the entire piece. The digital platform also allows me to experiment with colors and textures in ways that would be challenging in traditional art. So it really requires time to be familiar with, but the process is incredibly interesting and intriguing!

Digital Journey on Way Ahead

uu&gg: Do you have some envision towards your future digital artistic journey?

Meeco: The possibilities are vast! Now I've already started creating digital illustrations, experimenting with different styles, and exploring more expressing way in the world of digital painting. In the future, I also plan to dive into animation as well. It's an exciting journey, and I can't wait to see where it leads me.

uu&gg: Do you have any final thoughts or advice for fellow artists considering a transition to digital art?

Meeco: My advice would be to embrace the challenge and not be discouraged by the initial learning curve. Digital art offers incredible opportunities for creativity and expression. Don't be afraid to mess up and try out different techniques. Most importantly, stay true to your unique style and let it shine through in your digital creations.

The traditional and digital drawing are not either-or solution but the orbits run parallel. We believe that adding the master of digital drawing to your skillset, the creative journey duly tend to be more colorful and diversified.

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