Getting started with your ugee
U-series drawing monitor

Thank you very much for choosing ugee. We offer several cables in the product package to ensure you a smooth use experience in different scenarios. For the specific connection method, please refer to the following instructions.

Follow the below steps to setup your U-series drawing monitor
Step 1:
Connect the cables.
Step 2:
Download and install the driver.

Mac | Windows | Linux

No driver required on Phone/Tablet
Step 3:
Setup the drawing monitor according to your preference.
Connection Methods
1.Connect with the Full-featured USB-C Cable (U1200)

Please make sure your computer has a USB-C port that supports USB 3.1 and DP 1.2. If not, please connect via the "3-in-1 cable" mentioned below.

2. Connect with the 3-in-1 Cable

Normally, the device can be turned on without using the red USB-A connector.

However, if the drawing screen flickers, it may indicate a low power. In this case, you're suggested to:

1) follow solution A: connect the red USB-A connector to the computer's USB port; if still not work,

2) follow solution B: connect the red USB-A connector to a power adapter and then to the power supply.

* The power adapter of some models is not included in the package and is sold separately. If necessary, please purchase a certified power adapter for optimal performance.

3. Connect to Mobile Devices

To begin with, make sure that the USB-C port on your Android device supports USB 3.1 and DP1.2;

Then, use the full-featured USB-C cable to connect the drawing monitor to your Android device;

Finally, use the 3-in-1 cable to power the drawing monitor. In this case, the black USB-A and HDMI connectors of the 3-in-1 cable are not in use.

Note: Click to view the list of compatible Android models

Video Tutorials

How to connect the ugee drawing monitor to your Windows PC

Watch the video >

How to connect the ugee drawing monitor to your Mac computer

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Connect ugee U Series With Full-Featured USB-C Cable

Watch the video >

Connect ugee U Series With 3-in-1 Cable

Watch the video >

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