How to change the pen nib for your pen?

Notes: Check the pen nib regularly on your skin. 

You can rub the pen nib against your skin to check whether the pen nib is too sharp for the tablet. 

When you feel the roughness of the pen nib, maybe it is time to replace the pen nib with a new one. 

Here is what you can do. 

1. Find the Pen-Clipper from the package.


2. Find your pen.

3. Use the Pen-Clipper to clamp the worn-out pen nib then try to pull it out.

4. Find the new pen nib from the package then insert the new one into the pen. 

You can softly press the pen nib against the desktop to make it fit into the position.

5. Save the Pen-Clipper and the new pen nib for the next time.

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