Tutorial Introduction

Drawing the Human Figure
Using Basic Shapes

In this tutorial you will learn how to simplify the human figure into basic shapes. Memorizing the human anatomy can be daunting, but when you break it down into basic simple shapes like a sphere, a box or a cylinder, you will be able to construct the human figure in a much simpler way. After that you will learn how to combine all these shapes together in a Peanut like shape to make the process of drawing the figure (even in complex poses) much easier. In short, you will learn how to draw the figure from reference or imagination in a correct and easy way.

What will you gain through this tutorial


Basic shapes

First of all, we will explain the difference between static basic shapes used to draw inanimate objects vs.dynamic basic shapes used to draw organic living objects.Including a quick look at the gesture, line weight and the direction of movement.

Dynamic shapes

Right after that, we will draw the figure in different complicated poses including foreshortened and perspective poses.

Basic shapes of the male and female figures

Next, we will draw the figure from start to finish, using basic shapes, gesture, mannequin and finally the final drawing.

Anatomical landmarks

Then, we will have a quick look at the important anatomical bone and muscles structure of the human body that will be needed to draw the figure in the correct way.

The gesture method and the peanut method

Next, we will use two methods to draw the mannequin.

Painting the Figure

Finally, we will paint the figure in values using light and shadows till completion.

Device Requirements

This course can be followed on a PC or by using Pencil and Paper.
No exact requirements for the PC needed.

Software Being Used

Photoshop CC 2018

Tutorial Duration

30 Lessons - 15 hours in total

Lecturer’s introduction

Salem Shanouha

Here is more personal information about me:

· Graduated with BS degree in Graphic Design from AUL (Arts, Sciences and Technology University In Lebanon) in 2003

· Worked as an Instructor assistant in the Russian Culture Center in Beirut for 4 years as well as taking Freelancing jobs creating CG Images for both Architects and interior designers.

· Worked as an Art Teacher in AUL for 8 years as a part-timer and a freelancer for 3D art for architects, interior designers and some Indie Games.

· Currently working as a freelancing CG artist, part-time lllustrator in AUL and teaching Art on my Youtube Channel.


Who is eligible to receive this tutorial?

It is available to customers who have purchased products from ugee online stores.

How to receive the tutorial for free?

Filling the form to get the tutorial code, and then follow the steps to redeem the code to receive the tutorial.

What can I benefit the most from the tutorial?

Drawing the figure in different poses either from reference or Imagination

Is there any project file provided for the tutorial?

Not really, there are the landmarks reference photos that can be found here https://doctorlib.info/anatomy/classic-human-anatomy-motion/

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