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ugee 6″ Drawing Tablet Q6



The ugee Q6 pen tablet weighs only 249g, is the size of an A5 notebook, and features a hidden USB cable storage design, making it easy to carry in hand or use on the go. Designed for mobile drawing, it maximizes compatibility with a variety of mobile devices.


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Perfect Fit Your Mobile Devices

Seamlessly adapt your canvas with ugee Q6's drawing area ratio adjustability, compatible with different devices to get the appropriate drawing area. Effortlessly toggle between ratios for a workspace that evolves with your creativity.

Freedom of Shortcut Keys for Mobile Drawing

The tablet features six denoising shortcut keys grouped in pairs for easy memorization of their functions. With the convenience of the shortcut keys, you can easily access various drawing tools, simplifying the operation process.

Built-in Cable, Portable and Convenient

The ugee Q6 comes with a built-in Type-C cable that features a detachable design. You can easily detach or store the cable, eliminating the need for additional cables or adapters.

Comfy holding Battery-Free Stylus

The tailor-made battery-free stylus design mimics a sketching pencil, providing a realistic grip and a smooth and natural drawing experience with no delays or lags

Wide Compatibility

Support Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS X 10.13, Chromebooks (Note: Chrome Os 88.0.4324.109 And Newer Versions Are Required), Android 6 (or latter) and Linux systems.
Support Medibang, Clip Studio Paint, SAI, Adobe Photoshop, , Illustrator, Corel Draw, Corel Painter, Sketchbook, Manga Studio, Etc.

Supported systems
Android 6.0 or later, Windows 7/8/10/11, Mac OS X 10.12 or later, Linux, Chrome OS, and Harmony OS
Product dimensions (W x H x D)
Active area
6.3×3.5 inches
USB-C to C Cable
Shortcut keys
Pressure Sensitivity
Reading Height
What’s in the Box
1 x ugee Q6 Pen Tablet
1 x Battery-free Stylus
5 x Replacement Nibs
1 x USB Cable
1 x Quick Guide
1 x Warranty Card
How Can Set Shortcuts Key in My Mobile Phone for Tablet?

Please go to download and install the Android apk on the phone to customize the shortcut keys.

Does the Drawing Tablet Work on IOS?

No, it can't work on the IOS system

Is This a Standalone Tablet?

No. It needs to connect to your computer or Android Device for better drawing resolution, easy to set up and use.

How Long Will It Take For My Order to Arrive?

It depends on your shipping address. The orders normally arrive within 3-20 business days of shipping. If you can't Track Your Order, please contact us.

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