Uganda Passports Are Travel Documents Issued By The State For The Purpose Of Identifying, And Facilitating The Movement Of The Bonafide Holder Across Border

Only Uganda Citizens May Hold Uganda Passports.

All Passports Remain The Property Of The Government Of Uganda And May Be Withdrawn Anytime. Uganda Passports Are Issued By The Passport Control Office In Uganda. Passport Renewals May Also Be Obtained From Uganda’s Diplomatic Missions In Pretoria-South Africa, Newyork And London, and Are Valid for 10 Years And Will Not Be Extended Beyond This Period.ordinary

The Current Passport Fees Is 50000/= Uganda Shillings Excluding Bank Charges.


If At Any Time The Passport Contains No Further Space For Visas, A New Passport Should Be Obtained

The Possession Of A Passport Does Not Exempt The Holder From Compliance With Any Immigration Regulations In Force In Any Country Or From The Necessity Of Obtaining A Visa Or Permit Where Required.

Registration At Consulates Abroad

Uganda Citizens Resident Abroad Should At The Earliest Opportunity Register Their Names And Addresses At The Nearest Uganda High Commission Or Office Of A Uganda Consulate.Notification To The Missions Should Also Be Made In Respect Of Change Of Address Or Departure From The Country.

Failure To Register May In A Period Of Emergency Result In Difficulty Or Delay In According Assistance And Protection.


This Passport Remains The Property Of The Government Of Uganda And May Be Withdrawn At Any Time.

It Is A Valuable Document And Should Not Be Altered In Any Way Or Allowed To Pass Into The Possession Of An Unauthorised Person.

If Lost Or Destroyed, The Fact And Circumstances Should Be Reported At Once To The Passport Office, Kampala, Or To The Nearest Uganda Diplomatic, Consular Or Other Representative And To The Local Police.

New Passports Can Only Be Issued In Such Cases After Exhaustive Enquiries.

Every Ugandan Shall Have The Right To A Passport Or Travel Documents In Accordance With Article 29 Of The Constitution Of The Republic Of Uganda.

Types Of Passports Issued By The Uganda Government

  1. Diplomatic Passports
  2. Official Passports
  3. Ordinary Passports
  4. East African Passports

1. Diplomatic Passports


Diplomatic Passports Shall Be Held By The Following Persons;

  1. Government Ministers And Their Spouses
  2. Foreign Service Officers And Their Spouses And Children Below The Age Of 18 Staying With Them Abroad
  3. The Head Of Public Service
  4. The Chief Justice
  5. Justices Of The High Court, The Court Of Appeal And The Supreme Court
  6. Chancellors And Vice Chancellors Of State Universities
  7. The Governor And Deputy Governor Of Bank Of Uganda
  8. Recognised Traditional And Cultural Leaders
  9. The Speaker And Deputy Speaker Of Parliament
  10. Permanent Secretaries
  11. Chairpersons And Vice Chairpersons Of Permanent Commissions

2. Official Passports

Official Passports Shall Be Held By The Following Persons ;

  • Chancellors And Vice Chancellors Of Other Universities
  • Head Of Government Departments
  • Members Of Parliament
  • The Archbishop Of The Church Of Uganda
  • The Archbishop Of The Roman Catholic Church
  • The Archbishop Of Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • The Patriach Of The Orthodox Church
  • The Chief Kadhi, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council
  • Members Of Permanent Commissions
  • Any Other Person As The Minister May Authorise

3. Ordinary Passports.


Ugandan Citizens Not Falling In The First Two Categories Above Are Elligible To Ordinary Passports.

4. East African Passports


East African Passports Are Issued To Uganda Nationals To Facilitate Their Movement Within The East African Region.

It Is Legal To Hold A National Passport In Addition To An East African Passport.

Uganda Passport Application Procedure

Step 1

An Intending Applicant Should Obtain Passport Application Forms “A’ And “B” From The Passport Application Receiving Office At The Directorate Of Citizenship And Immigration Located At The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Headquarters On Plot 75, Jinja Road – Kampala Or At The Nearest Upcountry Station As Hereafter Listed.

The Forms Are Issued Free Of Charge

            Download Forms From Here

The Application Should Be Duly Recommended Under Section 5 Of Form “A”By A Recommender Who Shall Be A Ugandan Citizen Of Integrity, With Personal Knowledge Of The Applicant.

Passport Application Support Documents:

Covering Letter From:

  1. Employer In The Case Of Employed Applicants
  2. School/Institution In The Case Of Students
  3. Parents In Case Of Minor Children
  4. Ministry Of Gender And Social Affairs + Adoption Order In Case Of Adopted/Fostered Children
  5. Uganda Mission Abroad, In The Case Of Applicants Resident Abroad
  6. Identification Documents E.G. Identity Cards
  7. Birth Certificates
  8. Three (3) Colored Passport Size Photographs Taken Against A White Background
  9. Form A, Bio – Data Details e.g. Date Of Birth, Sex, Name, Etc.
  10. Form B – Details Of Parentage And Citizenship Verification.

Step 2

Duly Completed Forms Should Be Submitted In Person By The Applicant To The Passport Application Receiving Office At The Directorate Of Citizenship And Immigration Headquarters Or At The Following Regional Offices: -

  1. Jinja
  2. Tororo
  3. Mbale
  4. Mbarara
  5. Fortportal
  6. Masaka
  7. Hoima
  8. Masindi
  9. Mubende
  10. Mityana
  11. Gulu
  12. Arua
  13. Lira

Where The Applicant Is A Minor, He/She Should Appear In The Company Of The Parents Or Guardian.

Step 3

Applicant Should Check On Status Of File Number And Approval Within One Week From The Date Of Lodging The Application.

Step 4

On Approval, The Applicant Will Be Issued With A Bank Payment Advice Form (Bapf) To Facilitate Payment Of Shillings 50,000/= Only Excluding Bank Charges.
All Payments Must Be Strictly Made To The Bank.

Step 5

Applicants Should Collect Their Passports In Person After Five (5) Working Days From The Date Of Payment.

Passport Services May Be Obtained At The Following Upcountry Centers:

  • Jinja
  • Tororo
  • Mbale
  • Mbarara
  • Fortportal
  • Masaka
  • Hoima
  • Masindi
  • Mubende
  • Mityana
  • Gulu
  • Arua
  • Lira

Other Types Of Travel Document

  • Conventional Travel Document (Ctd)

Conventional Travel Documents Are Travel Documents Which Shall Be Issued To Refugees Resident In Uganda In Accordance With The United Nation Convention On Refugees.

  • Certificate Of Identity

Certificates Of Identity Shall Be Issued To Ugandans And Non-Ugandans Who Cannot Be Readily Issued With A Passport In Emergency Situations.

  • Renewal/Replacement Of Passport


  • Form A And B

In The Case Of Applicants For Renewal, An Applicant May Omit The Lc Requirements.

  • Two (2) Recent Colored Passport Size Potographs Taken Against A White Background
  • Covering Letter Stating Whether The Applicant Is Replacing The Expired Passport Or Changing Profession Or Has Acquired Status For Different Type Of Passport. E.G. From Ordinary Passport To Diplomatic/Official Passport.
  • Where A Female Passport Holder Acquires A New Name By Virtue Of Marriage, And Wishes To Add Such Name On To The Passport, The Covering Letter In Support Of The Application Shall State So And Be Accompanied By A Copy Of A Marriage Certificate.

Requirements For Lost Passports

  • Fill Form A &B
  • Lost Case Questionaire
  • Affidavit