Drunken priest blames Holy Wine

drunken_priest.jpegRome - An Italian priest caught driving over the alcohol limit pleaded to police that it was only because of the Holy Wine he had drunk as part of the mass, Ansa news agency reported on Saturday.

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Strangest Lawsuit in Germany

 Tbees.jpghis was a story picked up from a German newspaper and published by a Yahoo editor. A judge in Stuttgart, Germany, is currently trying to decide on a lawsuit in which a man hired his neighbour to impregnate his wife.

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Saving lives - with no licence

Tokyo - A Japanese firefighter who has driven trucks and ambulances hundreds of times over 20 years was sacked after it emerged he never had a driver's licence, an official said on Tuesday. The man's family was in on his secret and would drive him each day to and from the fire station, from where he would get behind the wheel of fire engines and ambulances.

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