French navy captures 11 pirates

somali_pirates_2.jpgMogadishu - The French navy on Sunday captured 11 suspected Somali pirates armed with two assault rifles and an RPG in the Indian Ocean, an AFP correspondent on board the French frigate Nivose reported.

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Egypt to wipe out pigs in the country

Cairo - Egypt is to step up a controversial slaughter of the nation's 250 000 pigs on Saturday, despite the World Health Organisation saying there was no evidence the animals were transmitting swine flu to humans.

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Warid Telecom customers reach 1.2m

warids_general_manager_zul_javaid.jpgWARID Telecom’s customers have hit 1.2 million, the chief executive officer (CEO), Zul Javaid, has said. During the opening of switching centre 11 at Bugolobi in Kampala, Javaid said the telecom business was full of risks but they had come up with risk mitigation strategies.

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