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Kenyan men start 30-day sex boycot

kenyan_men.jpgKENYAN men yesterday started a 30 day sex boycot to protest against abuse of their conjugal rights by women. Aendeleo ya Wanaume (The Men’s Organisation) is organising the boycot said to have started last night,  They have said that more men are expected to endorse the countrywide boycot.

Wambasi said the move was in protest against the recent action by the G-10 women’s movement that forced women to go on a one-week sex boycott owing to the slow pace of reforms by the coalition government and rampant corruption in the country.

  Thousands of Kenyan women called for the week-long sex boycot.

The men are now calling for a month long sex strike in retaliation. But Agnes Nangiru a prostitute in Nairobi is alarmed.  She says she will not be able to cope with the increased custom. Most of her customers are married men who are likely to play holy at home in the night, but swing her way during the day. Many men are likely to use this opportunity to renage on their marriage responsibility.