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Women activists seek abolition of bride price in Uganda.

women_mps.jpgWomen activists in uganda are seeking the abolition of bride price saying that it leads to domestic violence. The rights campaigners under their umbrella organisation, the Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET), said the practice should be outlawed.

"Should a man beat a woman as he wishes because he paid some cows to her parents?” asked Harriet Gimbo, the head of human rights advocacy at Action Aid.

“ActionAid worked on the petition with the Mifumi project of Tororo district and handed it to the Constitutional Court. We want the court to declare bride price illegal.

“We demand that the Police expeditiously handles Alupot’s case and that her husband be produced in court. We are also heading to Pallisa to carry out independent investigations and we are demanding that Parliament immediately passes the Domestic Relations Bill and the Sexual Offences Bill,” said UWONET coordinator Rita Achiro.