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President Museveni opens EAC investment

museveni18.jpgPresident Yoweri Museveni who is the Chairman of the summit of the East African Community Heads of State opened the first East African Investment Conference with a call to delegates to brain storm and identify areas that need to be addressed in order to improve the investment climate in  the region, according to Uganda Media Centre.

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Bush: Mugabe Govt is 'illegitimate'

george bush4.jpgWashington - US President George W Bush said on Saturday he had directed that sanctions be drawn up against the "illegitimate" government of Zimbabwe after a run-off vote boycotted by the opposition.

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Scotish Labour leader resigns - blow to Gordon Brown.

gordon brown5.jpgLondon - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has received big blow to his leadership after the leader of his Labour Party in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, resigned in a row over donations. Wendy Alexander, suspended from the Scottish parliament on Thursday for a day for failing to declare donations to her leadership campaign last year, said the issue had become a "distraction" from politics in Scotland.

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