The Patron Of Budo School, The Kabaka Calls For Inquiry

kabaka.jpgRonald Mutebi has called for an inquiry into the deadly fire that burnt a dormitory at Budo Junior School on Monday night, killing 18 children.

Mutebi, the patron of the school, wants “immediate investigations” to find the cause of the fire and ensure no re-occurrence of it in any institution.

In a condolence letter, the Kabaka said: “We have learnt with shock and dismay of the tragic loss of life of more than 20 pupils and adults, which was caused by fire that gutted a school dormitory.”


“Our deep condolences to parents at the loss of their loved children at such a tender age, the pupils for losing their friends and who are undergoing such traumatic shock.”
The Kabaka also sent his sympathies to the teachers and the Budo community whom he said had “experienced the most dreadful occurrence” in the school’s history.
He prayed for strength and fortitude to all mourners.
Katikkiro J.B. Walusimbi conveyed the Kabaka’s condolences on Tuesday.
Walusimbi said the kingdom would contribute towards the renovation of the school.
Budo Junior School was set up by Buganda Kingdom to educate the royals and children of chiefs.
Muteesa II and Mutebi studied in Budo.
The burnt dormitory was named after Princess Dorothy Nassolo.
The princess said: “It is simply heartbreaking and beyond words.
As a mother, my thoughts and prayers go out to parents who will have to live with such unbearable grief and misery for the rest of their lives.”